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OH&S Management System Policy & Procedures – DOWNLOAD

SWMS – Demolition – DOWNLOAD

SWMS – Works on or near electrical installations – DOWNLOAD

SWMS – At workplaces where there is any movement of powered mobile plant – DOWNLOAD

SWMS – Involving a confined space – DOWNLOAD

SWMS – Involving removal or likely disturbance of Asbestos – DOWNLOAD

SWMS – Risk of falling more than two meters – DOWNLOAD

SWMS – Structural Alterations that require temporary support to prevent collapse – DOWNLOAD

SWMS – Lead Based Paint Removal – DOWNLOAD

Blakes Master Builders Induction – CLICK HERE

Required Contractor Information – DOWNLOAD

Blakes Incident Procedure – DOWNLOAD

Blakes Incident Report Form – DOWNLOAD

When is an incident reportable to Work Safe? – CLICK HERE

Work Safe Incident Report Form – DOWNLOAD

If you have any problems downloading documents please contact Blakes on (03) 5345 2632.

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